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Download Elementary Spanish Reader

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Elementary Spanish Reader by E.S. Harrison.

This free Spanish reader will certainly help you learn Spanish. The first few reading selections are quite elementary and read with a mechanical feel but the later selections are excellent and are sure to hold the reader's attention.

Each lesson in this Spanish reader presents at least one specific grammar topic. The beginning story, El Cuento Del Pollo, is primarily a vocabulary building exercise, but it does introduce the use of the Present Perfect tense. The second story still reads a bit constructed, and yet it is an excellent introduction to the use of hacer in describing weather. The third story, Los Tres Osos, emphasized the use of the preterit tense. As early as the fourth Spanish short story, Tres Barcos, the reader will find interesting and educational Spanish text that is rewarding and fun to read.

In total there are twenty-two Spanish short stories and reading passages that gradually progress in difficulty. There is very helpful Spanish vocabulary section at the back of the book that defines words in the context of the stories. The vocabulary section all lists many conjugated Spanish verbs to help the learner identify the infinitive.

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