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Welcome to Spanish-Kit, the all free online educational resource which was created to help you learn to read and speak Spanish! If it's your goal to learn Spanish, we invite you to explore Spanish-Kit's unique online learning content. At Spanish-Kit we're committed to providing the very best online Spanish learning content that is rich, unique and best of all - it's free!

Spanish Grammar

We have prepared a very unique online Spanish Grammar. The grammar will provide you with a solid introduction to help you learn Spanish. In addition, the online grammar allows other site visitors to post their own Spanish grammar insights and comments. Finally, not only is the grammar online, but it may be downloaded free of charge for printing or for further offline study and review.

Spanish Readers

Spanish-Kit also has a small yet growing collection of beginning level Spanish readers which may be downloaded in their entirety free of charge. If you want to learn Spanish, a great way to do this is to include reading Spanish everyday. You can view our current list of available downloads on our Download Spanish Material page. If you like our content, please be sure to Subscribe to Spanish-Kit's free newsletter so that we can notify you of new Spanish Readers as the come online.

Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish-Kit's Vocabulary Tool is unlike any other online Spanish vocabulary program. Think of it as your own custom online course. You can choose the vocabulary list, how many words you want per mailing and how often to receive the mailing. There's even a vacation hold feature where you can stop the mailings and resume them at a later date right where you left off. Finally, you can elect to be quizzed on your Spanish vocabulary performance. During the quiz if you get a word wrong, we'll save it so that you can study the word again.

What's Ahead

We're currently working on a collection of tutorials that feature Spanish Pop Songs. There will be grammar lessons, vocabulary and comments on pronunciation and idiom all based upon today's most popular Spanish songs.

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Our free online vocabulary course allows you to create your own customized Spanish vocabulary courses. There's even a quizzing feature to track your performance.

Mark-Up Spanish Grammar
Share the knowledge! Did you know that Spanish-Kit's online Spanish Grammar allows site visitors to share their own insights and comments on Spanish grammar topics.

This is an all-free Spanish education website. Its purpose is to provide you with the tools you need to learn Spanish. We offer free Spanish grammar and reader downloads, interactive vocabulary courses, and a Spanish Learning Community where you can meet with other Spanish learners.

Spanish-Kit: Spanish Learning Tools
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