When you’re learning a new language, practicing conversations with other students – or better yet native speakers – is a great way to improve your fluency. The following is a list of some of the most common Spanish phrases that will come up as you interact in a conversation with others. Be sure to practice them and include them in all your Spanish language conversation situations until you get them right. Basic Introductions Buenos días. Good morning. Buenas tardes. Good afternoon. Buenas noches. Good night. Common Courtesies Por favor. Please. Gracias. Thank you. Si. Yes. No. No. De nada. You’re welcome. Perdóneme. Excuse me. LoRead More →

If you’re searching for a job, being bilingual can be a big asset. But you aren’t fluently bilingual yet, you’ll need to learn some common expressions used in finding a job in the English speaking world. Searching for a job requires you to know common conversational phrases and sentences, as well as phrases and sentences specific to the job search process. The following are some common terms and phrases that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. Practice them until you’re comfortable speaking them. Basic Introductions Hello. – Hola. Good day, or good morning. – Buenas dias. How are you? – Como esta usted? I amRead More →

Spanish is one of the most commonly-used languages in the world, right behind English and Mandarin Chinese. Today, over 30 countries list Spanish as their main language and it’s estimated that over 400 million people speak Spanish as a first language. However, if you’re thinking of learning Spanish, you’ll need to think about where you want to use your newfound language skills, as there are several different Spanish dialects. The two major dialects are those used in Mexico and Spain, although other Spanish-speaking countries may have their own variants as well. Many students worry that the differences between the major dialects are so great thatRead More →